Before Farrah Abraham was a porn star who tried to pretend a private sex tape was stolen, she was a 'Teen Mom' alum who had trouble taking responsibility for her actions. And who drove and crashed her car while drunk, but then was all, "I didn't deserve a DUI! I wasn't driving driving."

She was just kidding, guys. Now she admits she totes was driving.

TMZ reports that a Douglas County, Neb. District Attorney official says Abraham will enter her guilty plea on June 20 for the incident that went down back in March.

Abraham, who blew a .147 -- almost double the legal blood alcohol limit -- initially pleaded not guilty, despite clearly, well, being really guilty.

Prosecutors are requesting that Abraham's driving privileges be suspended (which means she'll have to ride shotgun in those fancy whips she's endorsing) and that she pay a measly $500 fine, which is chump change when you make seven figures for copulating on camera.

In exchange for the plea deal, the corresponding charges of disorderly conduct and refusing to take a field sobriety test will be dropped, as well as any potential prison stints.

Abraham is determined to avoid jail. Which is weird, because based on 'Back Door Teen Mom,' she'd do really well there.

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