Back in the 1980s, MTV actually played videos and shows like 'Growing Pains,' 'The Cosby Show' and 'Married With Children' ruled the airwaves. And even though you may have forgotten about them, many of the stars from those iconic juggernauts are still around -- on Twitter. But maybe they shouldn't be.

Here are a few celebrities from the '80s you should remember from their glory days rather than following the dullness (or ineptitude) of their current daily lives on Twitter.

Erik Estrada

The man who at one time could make a pair of tan shorts look like the hottest thing any man has ever worn has a smattering of loyal followers, and the 'CHiPs' star apparently treats them graciously. That said, he doesn't seem to know how to use Twitter. Random posts clearly intended as private direct messages are everywhere, and it seems his wife used his account to wish him a happy anniversary -- with the comical end result of making it look like Erik has a husband himself.

Kim Fields

You remember Tootie from ‘The Facts of Life,’ right? She was sass on skates and quite a thing for a minute or two in the '80s. Now Kim Fields is an unverified blip on the fast-moving Twitter radar who seems to keep busy being an "award-winning director" and going on dates with her husband. But even though she says she’s going to follow her new followers, the math in her 169 to 14,606 ratio doesn’t quite compute.

David Faustino

David Faustino was the pesky yet cute little brother on ‘Married With Children,’ but on Twitter, he describes himself as “what what.” And after scrolling through his tweets, we see why. He seems very friendly with all of his replies to people, but, really … what? Apparently he’s been busy shooting videos with people and replying to everyone who ever mentions him ever. He also doesn’t like bike helmets. Way to be, Dave.

Alan Thicke

It’s always fun to see the Boomer crowd on Twitter, and Alan Thicke has to be the cutest of them all. In fact, the more we go to his page, the more we regret including the 'Growing Pains' star on this list. He’s the "lost Kardashian" and he invented a vibrating toilet seat -- two sources of endless amusement. But his Twitter feed is kind of a mess.

Alfonso Ribeiro

He was the only guy adorable enough not to be eclipsed by the cuteness of Ricky Schroeder on ‘Silver Spoons,’ largely by making dork the new hotness when he whipped out his fancy dance moves as Carlton Banks on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.’ These days, though, Alfonso Ribeiro spends way too much time watching TV. Most of his 600 tweets are about him at home doing the same boring stuff the rest of us are doing.

Robin Givens

According to her profile pic, Robin Givens is still quite lovely, but her follow numbers reveal how far her public star has fallen since her days in movies and as the tabloid-esque one-time wife of Mike Tyson. Today, she describes herself as someone who's "loving God and a loving mother," and apparently those things keep her busy because she hasn't tweeted in two years. One of her final missives was about how she was inspired and wanted to share her inspiration. Cue the silence.

Catherine Bach

From what we can tell, the woman who gave us Daisy Dukes - or someone pretending to be her - created a Twitter profile in 2010, tweeted once and then tripped and fell off the face of the internet. If anyone knows Catherine Bach, tell her to send up a tweet flare. Oh, and that some guy named Isaac has a crush on her.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner

As Theo Huxtable, Malcolm-Jamal Warner went from henpecked little brother on ‘The Cosby Show’ to teen heartthrob, and based on his Twitter page background photo, he's still trying to hand out the eye-candy. He describes himself as "The guy you love to love ... but DON'T let the smooth taste fool you." Okay then.

Downtown Julie Brown

Once upon a time, the quirky Downtown Julie Brown ruled MTV. These days, though, the network has moved on without her famous "wubba wubba." If your Twitter bio has to say that you're still alive, it's possible that you're not. The good news is that the former VJ seems bored, so if you tweet at her, she'll probably tweet back.

Soleil Moon-Frye

Soleil Moon-Frye, who was once our favorite little 'Punky Brewster' orphan with a strange name, has become a "messy mom" who thinks there's a place called Happy Chaos. With more than a million followers, she wins the former celeb popularity contest, but we're not sure why since pretty much all she tweets about are her kids. (Their names, by the way, are Poet and Jagger, proving she learned nothing from being beaten up on playgrounds herself.)

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