Rapper M.I.A. is refusing to pay any money to the NFL for showing off her middle-finger during her Super Bowl performance alongside Madonna last year because according to her, scantily clad faux-cheerleaders showing off their undergarments is much more offensive than what she did.

Apparently the NFL have been fighting a super secret lawsuit against M.I.A. since the incident in 2012 and are seeking $1.5 million for the nasty gesture under breach of contract, and the rapper refuses to pay up for the gesture.

M.I.A. responded to the suit in the above video, arguing that behind her while she's flipping the bird is a row of girls dressed as cheerleaders all under sixteen-years-old who are thrusting their bodies and lying in a "very provocative position."

"What is offensive in America? Like, is my finger offensive? Or is an underaged black girl with her legs wide open more offensive to the family audience?"

You can watch the video of M.I.A.'s stance above, especially her belief that the whole thing is a waste of time, money and just another example of some "corporate d--- waving" fighting against her female empowerment, punk rock stance.

M.I.A. Superbowl GIF

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