We never noticed until we stuck them side-by-side before, but 'SNL' head-writer and 'Weekend Update' correspondent Seth Meyers looks an awful lot like actor Hugh Grant. Maybe it's the goofy smiles?

Hugh Grant is everyone's favorite stammering Englishman, or at least he used to be back when he was in lots of popular movies. These days he's known more as Jon Stewart's worst guest ever and that guy who used to be in good movies like 'Love Actually.' Maybe he'll make a comeback in the upcoming 'Bridget Jones' sequel, because 'Cloud Atlas' sure didn't help his stock.

Seth Meyers has it pretty good -- he has a steady job on the never-to-be cancelled 'SNL' and he has the distinction of looking like Hugh Grant. He's also rumored to be taking over the 'Late Night' slot from Jimmy Fallon (who's getting the 'Tonight Show' next year).

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