'Weekend Update' host/head-writer Seth Meyers (who's taking over 'Late Night' from Jimmy Fallon next year) and actor Bill Hader had their last episode of 'Saturday Night Live' together on May 18 -- and they said goodbye in a very big way.

Hader came on the 'Weekend Update' segment (which was also featured Meyers' former co-host Amy Poehler that night) playing the recurring character Stefon, only to get angry at Seth and run off to marry another man.

We didn't even know they liked each other that way.

Enter Seth Meyers running to the chapel to stop Stefon's impending nuptials to Anderson Cooper a la 'The Graduate.' In attendance, Ben Affleck, Alf (who wasn't chomping on any cats), some Smurfs, Gizmo of 'Gremlins' fame and a Steve Urkel look-alike.

Check out the entire video above to see how the Coop handles himself in a fight, and to see 'Weekend Update' staples like Drunk Uncle give the new duo a rice-filled send-off.

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