We hope all you 'Community' fans had a great October 19th yesterday.

To celebrate the season four premiere, we already made Joel McHale our Daily Swoon -- and today's celebrity look-alikes are none other than Jim Rash and J.P. Manoux, who played Dean Pelton and his Doppel-deaner in an arc that had the real Dean held hostage and replaced for nefarious purposes on the NBC sitcom.

Do purposes come in any shade other than the nefarious variety?

Oscar-winner Jim Rash made our night last year when he mocked presenter Angelina Jolie's leg pose after receiving his award, and he continues to amuse us as the pun-making and cross-dressing Dean of Greendale Community College on 'Community.'

Yes, he won an Oscar and this is what he does with his life. Because he can.

And long before J.P. Manoux played Rash's double on the show, we'd been confusing him for his bald counterpart in reruns. So much so that when Rash was replaced by Manoux for plot purposes, we barely even noticed. It was only when the other characters pointed it out that we realized it was the bellhop from that one episode of 'Angel.'

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