Congrats to Seth Meyers! The 'Saturday Night Live' alum and future 'Late Night' host and his longtime girlriend Alexi Ashe are engaged!

Meyers and Ashe, a pretty flippin' stunning lawyer, met at a wedding years ago and have been together ever since, Us Weekly reports. Sources describe the adorable couple as "incredibly solid" and say that marriage is "definitely on the horizon."

"He's very excited for the next phase of his life," an insider said. "He's known that she's The One for awhile, but it was all about timing."

Meyers is slated to take over 'Late Night' from Jimmy Fallon this fall, and his schedule freeing up will enable him to be the best fiance he can.

"With 'Late Night,' his schedule will be slowly easing up," the source added. "He wanted to do it after SNL wrapped [because] he didn't want to be an absentee fiance."

Another good sign for the couple? The source quipped, "Her family loves him."

Mazel tov, kids!

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