No, all bald men do not look the same to us. But when they're as ruggedly handsome as Billy Zane and Arnold Vosloo, it can be a little harder to distinguish them from Mr. Clean. In fact, if they had earrings and held cleaning products, we'd be completely lost.

The villainous looking Billy Zane is best-known for being Kate Winslet's evil fiance in 'Titanic.' He may have framed Leonardo DiCaprio for theft, but at least he didn't selfishly hog the world's biggest piece of wreckage and let the love of his life drown in the frigid waters of the Atlantic. Way to be, Rose.

Arnold Vosloo is at his baldest and therefore the most Billy Zane-ist when he plays the priest Imhotep in 'The Mummy' movies alongside Brendan Fraser. He's done plenty of other work since then, but to us he will always be the guy whose poorly CGI'ed face chased a water balloon after the world's premiere sand castle builder.

Thankfully he was smart enough not to sign onto 'The Mummy 3,' which had yetis but no actual mummy, and featured a United Nations-worthy bar fight between Americans and Irishmen in an Egyptian-themed bar owned by an Englishmen in China. Ugh, that movie.

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