With Jimmy Fallon allegedly taking over the 'Tonight Show' from Jay Leno -- who might actually retire this time for realsies -- that leaves Fallon's 'Late Night' seat available.

And who might fill it? Possibly 'Saturday Night Live' head writer and 'Weekend Update' anchor Seth Meyers.

As a source told the New York Post, “[Executive producer] Lorne Michaels wants Seth to take over from Fallon. It would be perfect for him. Tina Fey’s name had also come up, but she has said she was too busy to do it.” (That sound you hear is the saddest of all sad trombones blaring.)

Preparations have already begun to move 'The Tonight Show' from Los Angeles to New York for Fallon's benefit, and NBC is currently building a “state-of-the-art studio” for Jimmy in NYC.

Meanwhile, network execs are trying to get Leno, 62, to finally give up the ghost and retire already so they can announce Fallon to their advertisers this May. But it's not like he'd have to disappear -- FOX says it would be more than happy to take him.

As the old line goes, "You don't have to go home ... but you can't stay here."

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