It's been a good year for Seth Meyers. In addition to eventually be taking over the 'Late Night' time-slot from Jimmy Fallon, who is getting the reins of the 'The Tonight Show,' yesterday (September 1) he married his longtime girlfriend Alexi Ashe.

Not bad at all.

Around 150 guests attended the event, including Olivia Munn, Allison Williams, Ali Larter, Rashida Jones, Jack McBrayer, Tony Shaloub, Nick Kroll and 'SNL' co-stars and alumni Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, Taran Killam, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, Kenan Thompson and the show's creator Lorne Michaels.

The duo were engaged back in July after Meyers 'SNL' exit freed up some much needed time in his schedule to tie the knot on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Recalled Meyers of the engagement in which his lawyer bride-to-be arrived home later than usual, "I tied [the ring] in a bow around our dog's collar. I just had to sit there looking at the dog. I was like, 'The dog's going to eat the ring!'"

Thankfully no dogs were harmed in the making of the engagement or the marriage.


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