Kevin Bacon's handsome face appears a tad skeletal these days, which is probably why he sometimes looks so similar to Red Skull, played by Hugo Weaving in the Marvel films. (We blame that awful 'Hollow Man' movie for putting these images in our heads.)

Known for his roles in beloved classic films like 'Animal House' and 'Footloose' -- not to mention his very own unit of measurement -- Kevin Bacon has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a Golden Globe and some SAG awards. He currently stars on the TV drama 'The Following,' where he plays a former FBI agent tracking a network of cult members who take orders from an Edgar Allan Poe-inspired serial killer.

Red Skull was the main antagonist in the film 'Captain America,' and even though you can't tell, he was played by Hugo Weaving (who seems to enjoy taking on roles that render him unrecognizable). Despite being German, he still labels all his nuclear warheads in English and makes sure to note which countries they're being sent to, just in case his nemesis needs to stop him.

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