The bitter rivalry between 'Real Housewives' star Brandi Glanville and paparazzi-summoning singer LeAnn Rimes continues as Glanville called Rimes out during a Q&A for her new book 'Drinking and Tweeting' on Monday night (Jan. 28).

We guess they didn't take us up on our cage match to the death idea.

When asked about Rimes, Glanville acerbically responded, “[LeAnn] can go f-- herself! Well, she has to, because who would want to?”

To which LeAnn didn't reply, “I know you are, but what am I?”

Glanville is still milking the fact that her husband Eddie Cibrian divorced her in 2009 to be with drunken country singer and occasional actress Rimes, but admits that she hopes they'll stay together because another divorce would negatively impact her and Cibrian's two children. Since, you know, the public feud between the women is super healthy for the kids and all.

But she wasn't done yet.

“I loved so hard — I loved my children and my family was perfect. I did everything I could do for him and the boys and to make him not want to stray. So, when it happened, especially with someone as attractive as her...” Glanville trailed off, letting the poison drip from the word "attractive."


After teasing that her book would bring about a cease and desist letter from Rimes and Cibrian, Glanville explained to the crowd, “When a man cheats on you, it's not about you — it’s about notoriety — they want to be with you, but they want [to have] their cake and eat it too.”

“For women to hear me complain about what happened to me, it makes them feel better about what they’ve gone through,” she added.

With all the nastiness between Brandi and LeAnn, we're still waiting for someone to maybe hold Eddie accountable for being the cheating douche he is. Until Brandi does that, you'll excuse us if we'd rather not hold her up as an inspiration to other scorned women.

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