On Wednesday night's 'X Factor,' the remaining contestants were forced to perform celebrity duets totally not of their choosing -- which is pretty rough when you draw the short straw and your partner ends up being LeAnn Rimes.

Remember when she used to sing back in the '90s? Yeah, she should probably stop doing that now.

The usually on-point 13-year-old songstress Carly Rose Sonenclar was doing just fine on her own until Rimes took to the stage and warbled some unintelligible lyrics that were supposedly her 1997 hit 'How Do I Live,' making it all but impossible for her partner to follow along with her.

Talk about a derailment. A derailment that could cost Carly $5 million.

That's assuming you were able to block out the visual distraction of Rime's Dr. Seuss face, greasy hair and puffy black boot combo long enough to hear the nuclear hot mess that came out of her mouth.

Carly tried to be a good sport about the whole thing and soldiered on, even forcing a few smiles as Rimes caterwauled through her part of the song.

When asked by host Mario Lopez how she thought her young mentoree did, the deluded Britney Spears responded that the duet was “amazing,” which tell us maybe Spears isn't as mentally healthy as we've all been led to believe.

An over-compensating, super giggly LeAnn then unhinged her jaw and swallowed Carly whole.

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