Four years after the fact, Brandi Glanville is still bitter about her husband Eddie Cibrian ditching her for the mess that is LeAnn Rimes. But in this never-ending public battle, it's almost hard to pick sides -- because while Brandi won't stop bitching about it, LeAnn herself won't shut up about it either.

This time around (not to be confused with all those other times via Twitter and in magazines), Glanville, star of Bravo's 'Real Housewives of Satan' or whatever it's called, took to the network's 'Watch What Happens Live' to call Rimes a “sugar mama”.

"I feel like every day there's a tell-all interview. It's kind of cray cray,” Glanville explained to host Andy Cohen about Rimes' most recent cry for attention (in which she felt all the feelings and worried about her serial-cheater husband still being a cheater).

Glanville also confirmed that in her book 'Drinking & Tweeting,' she refers to Rimes as Cibrian's “sugar mama,” saying that his dream was always to live in a big house in a well-to-do community. And Rimes brought that dream to fruition.

Cohen then began a question with, "Do you think [LeAnn] is now ...?" and despite the many ways he could've ended that sentence, Glanville drew her own conclusions and answered, “Insane? Yes, I do.”

And since Glanville had it on good authority that Rimes regularly watches Cohen's show, she looked right at the camera and yelled, "Hi, LeAnn! Hi Le-Le. Call me!"

Wait. We're confused. Who's the crazy person here again?

Rimes later denied that she watches the show, but she did put out an interesting Twitter missive about the whole interview.

If you're rusty on your insulting acronyms, KMA means "kiss my ass." So obviously that wasn't a love note.

These two are self-perpetuating drama machines. LeAnn needs Brandi to keep trash-talking her so she'll be able to respond and keep herself in the press, and Brandi needs LeAnn to keep acting like the victim to help fuel public disdain -- which Brandi can then crow about in more interviews.

Let's settle this once and for all, ladies. Cage match to the death. Tomorrow, high noon, under the Hollywood sign. Be there.

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