Amanda Bynes is continuing her litigious streak. After flipping out at Complex magazine and Perez Hilton, the visibly disturbed starlet is threatening to send her lawyers after Us Weekly.

In yet another rambling Twitter post, Bynes trashed the "trash mag" and its staff, throwing in some racial prejudices for good measure.

We've cleaned and broken up her language below, but the words are all Bynes:

"Yet again, I'm suing Us Weekly for writing another false story. Nothing is wrong with me!

All trash mags -- contact me personally since you are talking to people I don't know, then claiming they know me. Please say names of those supposed sources; they sound like you made them up like the crazy person you're trying to portray me as in your ugly magazine.

I'm talking to the ugly Asian editor and all the ugly women I met when I did a shoot with you. I am suing you every week you put up awful photos with a false 'I'm crazy' story. You have never contacted me once to find out who I am or what I'm up to. F--- you."

We're not sure what the editor's race of ethnicity has to do with anything, but whatever. It's clear that "awful photos" are subjective (Bynes prefers this variety). And sadly, based on Bynes' behavior and reactions to various stories, we're not so sure that the "crazy" angle is entirely false.