Amanda Bynes' erratic roller coaster of instability seemed to hit a loop today, as she railed against blogger Perez Hilton for his running dialogue about her recent behavior.

The row started with Amanda -- seen with Hilton above in happier times -- firing off this tweet, apparently in response to Perez (and everyone else) ignoring her pleas to, well, ignore her:

To which Perez replied:

This may have been the last straw or split end for Bynes, who fired off this missive:

@perezhilton leave me alone! You are the scum of the earth!! Pick better photos f---er!

Good job getting people to stop paying attention to you, Amanda.

But she wasn't amused, next posting a side-by-side comparison of selfies the two have taken:

After Perez responded with an inquiry about why she no longer talks to her parents, Amanda resorted to ad hominem attacks against the openly-gay Perez (who recently became a father), saying:

Welcome to 'Are you Smarter than a Celebrity Sixth Grader?'

After the exchange, Perez responded to a reader inquiry about whether Amanda could be on hard drugs, saying he wasn't sure but thinks it's "serious":

Amanda, possibly realizing that she made a misstep, reverted into her old routine of twerking:

She's said nothing more on the matter, but this would probably be a great incident to blame on her nefarious imposter.