After dropping off the face of the internet for several weeks because she's not driving her car into things, walking around naked or yelling about how she's a retired millionaire, it seems Amanda Bynes is back.

Or back to cam-whoring herself on the internet, at least.

Bynes took to Twitter to share the fact that her phone was stolen and that anyone interested should follow her on Instagram for the time being, where she is under the very original name amandabynes4386. Because 1 through 4385 were apparently taken.

Proving that she is completely technology-illiterate, or thinking that we want to see the same mirror shot of her multiple times, Bynes posted identical photos of her turbaned head and terrifying lipstick with different captions: “Bout to get my nails done ... I want to go long and pointy!” and “What up doe” and “<3 my turban!”

She also shared a picture of her crotch and ripped jeans with the caption, “Losing weight is hard to do! I love jeans with sexy holes...”

Amanda Bynes

We're pulling for you, Amanda. Keep sharing your bons mots with the world, and good luck getting your vaginal weight down.

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