When we last saw Amanda Bynes, she was denying a slew of hit-and-run charges and toking up in her car and terrorizing cupcake shops and getting pissy with anyone who compared her to Lindsay Lohan.

But all that nuttiness is behind her. These days, she's just wandering around naked in tanning salons and threatening to sue anyone who talks about it.

In Touch reports that just before getting a spray-on tan at a salon in the Big Apple, Bynes realized she didn't have the goggles she's supposed to wear to keep that stuff out of her eyes. So she walked out into the lobby to grab a pair -- while completely nude.

“She didn’t seem to care that everyone saw her naked. She seemed totally out of it," an eyewitness said. “She took her time walking back to the [tanning] room, dragging her fingers along the wall and smiling at customers who passed her. There was definitely something wrong with her.”

No sooner had that story hit the web than Bynes was texting Celebuzz and denying it ever happened.

“That's not true, I'll sue,” she wrote in brilliant but likely unintentional Dr. Seuss style.

A worker at the tanning salon in question confirmed Bynes is a customer but said she's “always polite when she comes in,” which is exactly what you should say about crazy naked ladies.

Nice to have you back, Amanda. Don't be such a stranger.