Amanda Bynes already has a suspended license, a DUI and multiple hit-and-run charges against her. But that didn't stop her from continuing to drive and get her 420 freak on because she's Amanda Bynes and laws are for the little people, yo.

In the latest edition of 'Fun Behind the Wheel With Amanda,' the troubled 26-year-old actress was caught driving around aimlessly and smoking from what appeared to be marijuana pipe designed to look like a car's cigarette lighter, which is perfect for downward-spiraling girls on the go.

Apparently Bynes spent a relaxing day smoking weed in a Baja Fresh parking lot, where she later sated a wicked case of the munchies with tacos before clocking three hours at a spa. Then she drove around like a lunatic before making her way to Home Depot to buy pink light bulbs like all sober people do.

Whew. Her Outlook calendar must be jam-packed, but her stupid friends and her stupid dad want her to give all that up and spend a little time in rehab because "it's clear something is up with her."

She's refused to go, but can't they just toss a bag of Cheetos and a few Twinkies into a room at Betty Ford and slam the door shut behind her?