Lindsay Lohan's been having a rough week. Just like all the other weeks, actually. But aside from rumored sugar daddies, there's one person on whom she's been leaning.

Here's what we know about him so far.

NAME: Avi Snow

OCCUPATION: He's a guitarist for the indie band City of the Sun and a club promoter in New York.

WHERE THEY MET: We're not quite sure, but while sources say they've only been together for a few weeks and that the relationship is in its "early stages," she gave his band a shoutout on Twitter back in October. We also know that Avi was aboard the Mr. Pink jet that Lindsay barely caught to get to her Los Angeles court date on Monday, and that after her latest mug shot, she attended one of his shows at 41 Ocean in Santa Monica.

WHY HE MAY BE GOOD FOR HER: A source told the Daily Mail that while Lindsay is known for her party animal ways, this is a case of opposites attracting. "He's from a solid background and doesn't get involved with the drugs scene, he doesn't even drink much," the insider said. "Basically, he knows who is and likes control, [so] he could help Lindsay."