Our favorite ginger jailbird, Lindsay Lohan, has had yet another day in court. And despite rejecting prior plea deals with rehab attached, LiLo took one this time.

So does that mean she acknowledges she has a problem? Well ... not quite.

TMZ reports she's insisting to friends that she doesn't have any sort of substance abuse issue -- and that it was only at the last minute (as she was winging her way cross-country) that she decided to take the deal. And even then, it was just because rehab seemed like the lesser of all possible evils.

As a reminder, on Monday, March 18, LiLo decided not to take her chances in a trial, pled "no contest" to the charges against her, and took a deal that included 90 days in rehab. If she'd instead rolled the dice with a trial, she could have found herself in jail for up to eight months.

She also may or may not have gotten her drink on just before showing up in court. Which could explain why she looked so rough (and her wardrobe choice).

Anyway, all that aside, insiders say the 'Mean Girls' star is actually looking forward to three months of being able to focus on herself without distractions -- like drugs, alcohol, parties and various leeches in and out of her own family.

You know. The usual.