Taylor Swift seems to be taking a cue from her pal Selena Gomez and getting tipsy -- except when she drinks, it makes her feel pain instead of making the pain go away.


Apparently when Swift and Harry Styles split, it was, predictably, because she was a stage five clinger during their Virgin Isles vacation. A drunk stage five clinger.

Us Weekly (via Hollywood Life) reports that Styles wanted a little time alone during the trip, and Swift flipped out -- so he did what a lot of men do and hit the bar solo to drown his annoyances.

"He got drunk and left Taylor on their boat for a few hours without telling her where he was going,” a source said. Probably because if he told her where he was going, she'd follow him there like a puppy, which is exactly what he was trying to avoid.

The source added that by the time they met again, Swift, who'd been drinking alone, was “crying and furious.” The way most people who drink alone are.

In her boozy state, Swift blew up at Styles, who the source maintains didn't actually do anything bad in his hours solo. The source claims that Swift “called him a d--- and accused him of running around with girls. He didn't do anything wrong!”

That's when Swift left the island, looking forlorn alone on a boat. “She wanted to teach Harry a lesson; she expected him to call and apologize,” the source revealed. “He didn't.”

As a result, Swift became a blubbering mess and wouldn't leave him alone.

The source said Swift was "a wreck and torn up" and wouldn't stop texting the One Direction singer, who was too busy in a hot tub with Hermione Way and friends to respond.

Not that he would have anyway. The anonymous source (who has since been unmasked as Captain Obvious) explained, “He thinks she’s too emotional.”

If Styles is just figuring that out, he may actually be perfect for Swift, who needs someone who can't detect the crazy so quickly. Considering she pretty much wears it on her sleeve, it sounds like she may have a tough time finding a replacement now.

But we do know there's one place she shouldn't look: Michael J. Fox's house.

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