After the inevitable breakup between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, the One Direction member was photographed in a hot tub at Richard Branson's Necker Island getaway with a chick named Hermione Way (the red bikini'd girl above).

Way has since been offered cold hard cash to sell her story to the press, but in a recently published Facebook post, the one-time star of the Bravo reality show ‘Start-Ups: Silicon Valley’ reveals why she refused to take the money and run.

In the post entitled "Kiss and don't tell: Why I decided not to sell my 'dirty harry' story to the press," Way explains what the past couple weeks have been like for her.

“As soon as the first story broke I received emails from more than ten journalists, offering me cash for further details on the story or as it's called in tabloid speak; a kiss and tell,” she wrote, going on to say that one news-hungry journalist stalked her Twitter feed, followed her to Vegas and approached her in person with a $100,000 offer.

“He [said he] would make sure I was portrayed in a 'good light' and would help me sell it to subsequent magazines and papers,” Way said. “I did think it would be a nice injection of cash into one of my companies and could help me keep momentum and healthy cash-flow for my startup.”

Hey, at least she's honest.

But in the end, it was a no-go, with Way saying, “Keeping the trust and relationships of the group of people I was with on Necker island meant more to me than making a quick buck out of some poor, broken hearted teenage boy."

But was there even a legit story to sell? Maybe not. Right after the photos of her with Harry made their way online, she denied anything had happened at all -- a claim backed up by a source who said the whole incident was “overblown” and that “nothing really happened between them."

So congrats, Hermione. You got your free publicity and you came out looking like the better person. You could also be 100 grand richer, but we suppose your dignity is important to you or something.

Psh, you'll never be a celebrity with that attitude.

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