A few weeks ago, we were treated to a delightful view of the lovely south end of a northbound Sofia Vergara when the actress had a wardrobe malfunction at the Emmys and shared a photo with the world.

And the world saw that it was good.

So why, now, are Vergara’s lawyers trying to make sure “personal” pics, allegedly stolen from her fiancé’s phone, never see the light of day?

We know by now that Sofia is not shy about her slammin' body -- but there are apparently some things not meant for public view.

Word on the street is that someone has gotten hold of private photos -- which are said to be of a personal nature but not nude -- off of her fiancé Nick Loeb’s lost Blackberry, and said conniving jerk is attempting to sell the snaps that are reportedly of Sofia “in her bathroom and the bedroom.”

According to what a source told the NY Post, Vergara’s people are "doing their best to make sure they do not become public.”

What we can't figure out is why there's such a scramble to keep them hidden if they don't show the 'Modern Family' star in the buff. What could be that scandalous?

Do they depict her engaging in some sort of ritualistic sacrifice? Do they show her watching and enjoying 'Glee'? Or are we simply being protected because seeing them would be like looking into the face of God and all our heads would explode?

Regardless, whomever has them is already feeling the large and powerful hand of Vergara's legal team. So chances are good we'll never know.


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