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Dylan Penn + Robert Pattinson Dating
Robert Pattinson is moving on from Kristen Stewart ... but not with his personal trainer, as initially reported. It turns out, the actor is aiming for another starlet with a Hollywood pedigree. Who is she?
Robert Pattinson Marie Claire Italy Interview
Robert Pattinson gave a typically cryptic but adorable interview, in which he revealed his most unforgettable moment, his most unforgivable transgression and his plans for the future. And by "revealed," we mostly mean "hinted at."
Robert Pattinson Admits He's 'Sensitive' in Relationships
Robert Pattinson didn't just play a sensitive brooder in 'Twilight' -- a role he's desperately trying to break away from -- but he's also a pretty sensitive guy in real life, too. Pattinson told Sunday Style (via Gossip Cop) of his approach to relationships, "I'm quite sensitive, and I do like a bit of grand gesturing, but that's just my ego...
Six Degrees of Separation: Robert Pattinson + Carrie Underwood
At first glance, Robert Pattinson and Carrie Underwood may seem as different as can be -- one is a fiercely private but equally as talented British actor, and the other is a fun-loving vocal powerhouse from Oklahoma -- but if you dig a little deeper, it turns out the two have more connections than you might think...
Charlie Hunnam vs. Robert Pattinson - Swoon-Off
Earlier this week, news broke that actor Charlie Hunnam would be stepping up to play the risque role of Christian Grey in the movie adaption of 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' While the book has garnered buzz in its own right, let's not forget someone has already played the role -- sort of! 'Fifty Shades' originated as 'Twilight' fan fiction, and as all Twihards know, Robert Pattinson starred in the movie
Robert Pattinson Comments on Twihards, Being Called R-Patz
Robert Pattinson's role in the 'Twilight' franchise made him very rich and very famous. And while he's expressed gratitude for the opportunities the films have afforded him, he's also made it abundantly clear he's ready to move on. And he wishes everyone else would, too.
Robert Pattinson Wears Dior + Says Why He'd Quit Acting
Robert Pattinson hasn't spent his single life pouting or feeling sorry for himself. When he's not partying with his new neighbors, the 'Twilight' star is using his trademark brooding good looks to promote Dior -- and boy, is he a hottie! Pattinson modeled the fashion house's wares for GQ Germany and revealed why he almost quit acting for good.

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