Twihards and Robsten shippers, rejoice! It looks like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be patching things up after all.

Sources told Us Weekly that the pair have been having "intense conversations" about their relationship, and that it's looking like the couple may well become a couple once more.

Pattinson was spotted at Stewart's home and sources are optimistic for a reunion, citing the once-hot-and-heavy couple's conflicting schedules for why they haven't been together as much as they used to be. (And, uh, maybe that whole Caitlin Cronenberg thing, too.)

"They will probably pick up where they left off," a source said. "Rob is obsessed with her." Still, another source admitted that Pattinson wants to move on --and he just can't. Thankfully, neither can Stewart.

"She's still heartbroken," a Stewart bud said. "She can't seem to get over him."

In May it was said their most recent split may likely stick because Pattinson couldn't get over Stewart's affair with Rupert Sanders. "He really put her through the ringer [sic]," a source dished. "Ultimately, it was like, ‘Either we move past this or we don’t.’ It wasn't good for either of them."

"They're both good people," another insider said at the time. "It was just not the right thing for either of them right now."

But apparently it could be now!

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