Robert Pattinson is enjoying his posh new pad -- and the posh new pals that have been coming over to visit him. Who's he hanging out with in his bachelor pad since he and Kristen Stewart split up?

R-Pattz has been cavorting with the likes of new neighbors Mischa Barton and Michelle Rodriguez in his new Beverly Hills, Calif. mansion. They all live nearby in the same gated community, but hopefully Pattinson doesn't share Barton nor Rodriguez's bad habits.

A source told E! News that Pattinson's mansion is lovely, but a bit empty for now.

"It's very beautiful, but it does not have a lot of furniture. You can tell he has not lived there for very long," the source said. "It is very sparse right now."

The 'Cosmopolis' actor doesn't seem to be back in the dating game just yet, but don't think he's sitting around sulking. "He is extremely cool and laid-back and hasn't been overly flirting with lots of girls or anything. He just wants to enjoy himself and be with good people," an insider revealed. "He is very low-key and just wants to be with friends right now."

The source added, "He does not seem particularly eager to get a new girlfriend quite yet. He's just taking each day as it comes and having fun."

Maybe he doesn't want a new lady just yet because K-Stew's not completely out of the picture!