Robert Pattinson gave a typically cryptic but adorable interview, in which he revealed his most unforgettable moment, his most unforgivable transgression and his plans for the future. And by "revealed," we mostly mean "hinted at."

As for his most mindblowing moment in the spotlight? "I think I'll never forget when I was at the Olympic Stadium in Munich to promote 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' with the cast," Pattinson revealed to Marie Claire Italy. "There were 30,000 screaming fans and Taylor Lautner, astounded, said, 'What the Hell's going on?'"

When the interviewer asked him about something unforgivable in his life (no doubt trying to not-so-subtly pry into his relationship with Kristen Stewart), Pattinson didn't bite. "Does the unforgivable one have to involve me?" he asked. "Because, luckily, I don't have one." Smart!

Pattinson did admit to being a bit of a romantic, telling the mag, "[I am] A sort of romantic. Sometimes."

As for his goals before he turns 30? Pattinson, who's recorded several songs for the 'Twilight' soundtrack and more, said, "I'd like to come out with a record. I'm writing lots of tracks. And direct a film," he added. "I've got a sort of idea in mind, and I'm working on it. I should be able to do it."

Though he doesn't reveal what the film will be about, Pattinson does give one morsel of info: It won't be a happily ever after story, but rather have an "open ending." Is life imitating art, R-Pattz?

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