10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces
When it comes to love, celebrities are often like everyone else: They get married, hoping it'll last forever -- but it doesn't always turn out that way. However, when it comes to divorce settlements, that's where the rich and famous are nothing like everyone else, because tens (or even hundreds) of …
Celebrity Couples Who Got Married Without Prenups
While it's probably more common than not for celebrities to legally protect their money before walking down the aisle, many say "I don't" when it comes to prenups. Sometimes it's because they got married well before fame and fortune came to call, sometimes it's …
Madonna Is the Highest Earning Celebrity of 2013
She may be the reigning Queen of Pop, but this year, Madonna holds dominion over all the other celebrities of the world, coming in above directing powerhouse Steven Spielberg and the creator of a million reality singing competitions, Simon Cowell.
Healthy Exorcise
About 23 years after she first ticked off the Catholic Church with 'Like a Prayer,' Madonna is once more a target for religious figures. And this time, they say it's serious -- and maybe Satanic.
A group of exorcists in Poland are meeting up to discuss the damage Madge has done to the moral fibers of…
The Big O
She spent the past two years in the paltry No. 2 slot, but Oprah Winfrey is back -- she's been named Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrity of 2013.
We already know that Gwyneth Paltrow hated the Met Gala because it was super "un-fun." But perhaps another reason was that ex-BFF Madonna was giving her the cold, punk-clad shoulder the whole time.
Stand down, UN Peacekeepers: The long-standing feud between iconic pop stars Elton John and Madonna has finally been resolved.
It's Not Us, It's You
Despite snatching up adopting two children from the African nation, Malawi's President Joyce Banda isn't too enthused with the work Madonna has done for the country, and has effectively told her, "It's not us, it's you."
Cry Her a River
So yesterday, we passed along reports from the New York Post that Madonna was poised to enter the prestigious “too rich to function” club of billionaires. However, according to Forbes, who keeps track of such things, she's totally not on the list at all because she&a…
Material Girl
When she said she was a material girl, she meant it -- Madonna's net worth has expanded another decimal point, and she's now officially entered billionaire territory.
Madonna + Anderson Get GLAAD
Madonna honored longtime pal and recently out Anderson Cooper at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards -- but of course, it wouldn't be Madonna if she didn't get herself some media attention of her own at the same time.
The 'MDNA' songstress took to the stage in a Boy Scouts uniform as she presented the award …
Monstrous Behavior
Being that Lady Gaga is a huge gay icon and advocate for equality, you'd think her fans would be thrilled at another star supporting her pet cause. And they are.
Except when that star is Madonna.
After a long stay in what many considered to be a glass closet, the now openly gay Anderson Cooper is being honored by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (more commonly known as GLAAD) -- and none other than Madonna.
Madonna is already getting the hang of this Instagram thing. She only just recently opened her account and she's already posted a shot of her heaving bosom -- and now her ass cheeks, too.
Let's hope she doesn't see Rihanna's page and feel the need to compete. This could get ugly.

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