So 2000 and Late
Madonna may not show the signs of aging on her impossibly taut face or bod, but she does show it in how she interacts with fans. Case in point: She joined Instagram like, just now.
Prince of Wails
You already knew Prince was kind of an adorable weirdo, but specific oddities about the Purple One popped up in a recent Billboard interview that will either leave you scratching your head, wanting to high five him, rolling your eyes -- or any combination thereof.
The TLDR version: Prince hates Madon…
Least Influential
Barbara Walters may have her generically boring 'Most Fascinating People' list for 2012, but to us, GQ's 'Least Influential People' list is a lot more interesting.
Favorites include failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, vehicular danger Amanda Bynes, palate destroyer Guy Fieri, the hilariously t…
Madonna Is Psy-ched
Madonna, the matriarch of pop, invited adorable living meme and K-pop sensation PSY to perform what will most likely be his lone hit, 'Gangnam Style,' at her Madison Square Garden concert on Nov. 13.
Madonna Votes With Her Body — Photo of the Week
As President Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina on Thursday, Madonna was on a different stage -- the one at Yankee Stadium in New York. And while she was there, she made her feelings for the POTUS perfectly clear.