Stand down, UN Peacekeepers: The long-standing feud between iconic pop stars Elton John and Madonna has finally been resolved.

Madge and Elton have been duking it out through various channels on and off for the past decade (no really, CBS has a timeline and everything), but their spat really came to a head in 2004 when John accused Madonna of lip-syncing. A comment he later regretted.

However, as he recently told Extra, he and his husband David Furnish patched things up in with the Queen of Pop when they all happened to be dining at the same restaurant in France.

"She came in, and I sent over a note. She was very gracious. I apologized profusely because what I said should never have appeared in public," Elton explained in the interview.

And how did Madge react to the gesture? “She was fantastic. She was just like, ‘Okay, let’s get a move on' ... She accepted our apology, and then we bought her dinner. That's over and done with."

At least until one of them decides to be snarky again. (Please let that be soon.)

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