To the untrained eye, Anthony Ciccone probably looks like your average transient -- but in reality he's the brother of international pop star Madonna.

He also was arrested on Sunday, April 21, after drunkenly fighting with a police officer in Traverse City, Michigan, and looking decidedly more unglamorous than his little sister.

The Traverse City Record-Eagle reports that Ciccone, 56, refused to leave the bathroom at a local civic center and "challenged" a cleaning crew trying to enter it. From there, things just got deeper and deeper.

"He pulled away, turned around and confronted the female officer in an aggressive manner," Capt. Brian Heffner told the paper. "She turned him around and brought him to the ground, which is when he struck his face on the bathroom floor."

Ciccone was transported to a nearby hospital where his blood alcohol was recorded as .40 and he received nine stitches for his facial injury.

He's been homeless since losing his job in 2011, and already had an outstanding warrant for refusing to leave a Traverse City book store in March.

Madge's publicist Liz Rosenberg declined to comment, but given the siblings' history, we're sure she's not thrilled about it. Apparently there are some ways you shouldn't express yourself.

Ciccone is being held without bond in the Grand Traverse County Jail.

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