Being that Lady Gaga is a huge gay icon and advocate for equality, you'd think her fans would be thrilled at another star supporting her pet cause. And they are.

Except when that star is Madonna.

A handful of Gaga's beloved Little Monsters are furious that the Queen of Pop is presenting Anderson Cooper with the Vito Russo Award at the 2016 Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards, saying that Madge has actually set gay rights back.

Wait, what?

In a bizarre and rather ignorant letter to GLAAD, a select few Little Monsters essentially threaten the organization -- and even blame Madonna for AIDS. What the what?

See their letter below, via The Examiner:


It has come to the attention to Little Monsters everywhere that you are letting Madonna give an award to Anderson Cooper. Not only is this an insult to a true gay rights activist like Lady Gaga, but it insults every gay man and woman on this planet.

Madonna is one of the major reasons for AIDS. Back in the 1980’s, she encouraged gay men to have unprotected sex. While she certainly didn’t start the disease, she and her lack of morals helped it spread.

Please rethink your choice of having Madonna as a presenter. If you don’t, we Little Monsters will strike back in a way you won’t like.

Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters

The letter comes with an ageist image of Madge as a grandmother in a wheelchair. (Ironically, Gaga is in a wheelchair right now.)

The monsters, living up to their name, are not only far off base, they're also sort of off their rockers. Madonna has been an outspoken advocate for gay rights since she first shot to fame, and she always promoted safe sex.

It's pretty unfortunate that instead of celebrating the proliferation of a genuinely good cause, a couple bad apples in Gaga's fanbase are exhibiting the very catty behavior of which they'd previously accused Madonna. Suck it up kids, and take your seats -- before Mother Monster grounds you.