Anderson Cooper

So Long, Farewell
'Weekend Update' host/head-writer Seth Meyers (who's taking over 'Late Night' from Jimmy Fallon next year) and actor Bill Hader had their last episode of 'Saturday Night Live' together on May 18 -- and they said goodbye in a very big way.
Movers + Shakers
For the past seven years, Out magazine has released an annual list of the gay movers and shakers in the political, business and entertainment worlds. This year, famous names like Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper and list newcomer Frank Ocean made the Top 10.
New Year's Eve ... All Year Long
Huzzah! Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, who host the best New Year's Eve show ever, shot a pilot together for CNN on Monday, March 25 -- indicating the network may pick them up for a regular series.
Anderson Cooper
If you've ever wanted to make sounds at a pitch high enough to shatter every window in your apartment, rejoice! Video is up of Anderson Cooper snuggling with the face that launched a thousand memes: Grumpy Cat.
Madonna + Anderson Get GLAAD
Madonna honored longtime pal and recently out Anderson Cooper at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards -- but of course, it wouldn't be Madonna if she didn't get herself some media attention of her own at the same time.
The 'MDNA' songstress took to the stage in a Boy Scouts uniform as she presented the award …
Monstrous Behavior
Being that Lady Gaga is a huge gay icon and advocate for equality, you'd think her fans would be thrilled at another star supporting her pet cause. And they are.
Except when that star is Madonna.
After a long stay in what many considered to be a glass closet, the now openly gay Anderson Cooper is being honored by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (more commonly known as GLAAD) -- and none other than Madonna.
Kathy Griffin + Anderson Cooper
When CNN producers put Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper together five years ago, we aren’t sure they knew exactly the kind of monster they were creating. The two are oddly good together, bringing out the best and worst in each other and making NYE a special time for everyone -- incl…
Eff Me? Eff You!
Anderson Cooper took to the podium at Sean Penn's second annual Help Haiti Home benefit on Jan. 12, and while he was there, he let the F-bombs fly. In context, of course.
Anderson Cooper vs. M.I.A.
No one tries to pwn Anderson Cooper and get away with it -- except for rapper M.I.A., who clearly didn't realize who she was dealing with and tangled with Cooper in March when she thought he called her a terrorist.
Jean Pool
Well, one of our crushes has slipped down the list a bit. Anderson Cooper – who always seems tidy and well put together – admitted on his show this week that even though he wears the pair of jeans every day, he only washes them a couple times a year.
This doesn’t seem right to us. But hey, it’s Ander…
Take That
Anderson Cooper is known for diving headfirst into a warzone to get to the facts and report the real story. And now he's known for doing the exact same thing on Twitter after he let some “chocoholic” from Los Angeles have it on the social media site.
Of course, this m…
Now That's a Party
If you've been on the internet lately, you've probably seen photos of a giant 36-pound, 36,000-calorie, 306-serving gummy-snake called the "party python." If you haven't, Anderson Cooper and Bravo's Andy Cohen will be happy to introduce you.
See, this is why we l…
Cooper + Letterman
Anderson Cooper stepped out of the closet publicly earlier this year, and while no one was terribly surprised, his sense of humor about this aspect of his life has continued to amuse us.
It almost makes us wonder how many more CNN news anchors have, you know, actual personalities.
(No, not you, Don L…
Anderson Axed
On Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, nobody finds out if they’re the father. Nobody ends up a sloppy, crying mess after an interview. Nobody throws things. Very few people get makeovers. He doesn’t give away piles of free stuff. There are no harpy women arguing loudly over each other about curren…

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