If you've been on the internet lately, you've probably seen photos of a giant 36-pound, 36,000-calorie, 306-serving gummy-snake called the "party python." If you haven't, Anderson Cooper and Bravo's Andy Cohen will be happy to introduce you.

See, this is why we lamented the demise of 'Anderson Live.'

The duo share the snake from both ends, which may or may not be “cough syrup-flavored” and are shocked when they learn of the $150 price tag.

This is why you're getting canceled, Anderson. You spend $150 on a giant gummy-snake and you don't even eat enough of it to plausibly re-enact 'Lady and the Tramp'? PRIORITIES, let us show you them.

We'll ignore the implicit joke of two gay men chomping away on something long and rubber because you're smart. So pointing out the obvious would only insult your intelligence, right? (Just smile and nod.)

Instead, we'll just provide you with what may be the world's greatest animated GIF (courtesy of BuzzFeed) to commemorate the occasion.

You're welcome.