Anderson Cooper stepped out of the closet publicly earlier this year, and while no one was terribly surprised, his sense of humor about this aspect of his life has continued to amuse us.

It almost makes us wonder how many more CNN news anchors have, you know, actual personalities.

(No, not you, Don Lemon. We mean likable personalities.)

On a recent visit to ‘Late Night With David Letterman,’ Cooper threw a few good zingers about his “gaydar” ...

I’m pinging off the hook about you, Dave.

... and the fact that the gay community doesn’t tend to do a lot of creative and showy fist-bumping. Upon trying a fancy handshake, a clearly disturbed Cooper said to Letterman, “Dave, I’m gay. We don’t do this kind of thing.”

"I wish I had a nickel for every time I've heard that in my life," Letterman retorted.

When Letterman brought up Cooper's coming out as "a homosexual," Anderson corrected him by saying, "We prefer the term 'light in the loafers.'"

All of this levity can apparently be attributed to the fact that the Letterman show served Cooper some Scotch in his guest mug instead of water, as evidenced by his admission of being drunk off the aforementioned beverage.

Blood alcohol content aside, this makes us wish even more that Cooper’s daytime talk show hadn’t been canceled. Every day, he makes calling something "so gay" even more of a compliment.