The unlikely but always hilarious New Year's Eve hosting duo of Anderson Cooper and his good friend Kathy Griffin were at it again this year on CNN.

But instead of appearing topless as she's done before, Griffin just came loaded with an arsenal of ball jokes -- and a desire to kiss Cooper's crotch. Like you do.

Things began when Cooper mentioned a tweet that said a good drinking game for at-home viewers was to take a shot every time he giggled nervously. To which Griffin quickly responded, “I'm gonna tickle your sack.”

"I don't know what you're talking about, I have no sack of gifts here," Cooper responded, trying to stall Griffin's obvious direction of questioning.

Of course the awesomely tactless Griffin did not get the hint (which is why the pairing is so fun to watch), asking, "Do you call your privates your Christmas presents?"

Reminder: This is CNN.

Later on, in Eastport, Maine, a reporter for the station was exploring the tradition of "kissing the sardine" wherein people smooch a giant fiberglass fish to celebrate the New Year. In response, Griffin knelt down unexpectedly and kissed Cooper's crotch. To which the visibly embarrassed host asked, "Did you drop something?"

"No, I was kissing the sardine. I can do it again. I can do this all night long," she added, comments which were punctuated by her trying to get on the ground and once again kiss Anderson's "Christmas presents" while he struggled to hold her above crotch level.

Griffin quipped, "I know you want to," to which a red-faced Cooper replied, "Believe me, I really don't."

Oh, Anderson. If it helps, your New Year's Eve pain is always our pleasure.