If you've ever wanted to make sounds at a pitch high enough to shatter every window in your apartment, rejoice! Video is up of Anderson Cooper snuggling with the face that launched a thousand memes: Grumpy Cat.

In a sit-down that featured Cooper, Grumpy Cat's owners and 'The People's Court' judge Marilyn Milian, we learn about the origins of Grumpy Cat, and it all makes us love her more.

Here's what we found out: She went viral very organically. A friend shared a photo, then their friend shared a photo, then a few million of their friends shared a photo.

She went on to make a Friskies commercial.

Her real name is Tardar Sauce (their spelling, not ours). And she is the Grumpiest Guest ever on 'Anderson' -- with a necklace and a jar of happy pills to prove it.

You're welcome!

Anderson Cooper Grumpy Cat

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