We’ve just found something that will keep us from having a dull moment with our friends ever again -- because Ellen DeGeneres’ new 'Heads Up' app seems like the most fun thing ever invented. Hell, it's so good that even celebrities are willing to look like idiots while playing it.

To wit: It doesn’t get better than watching Martin Short become Charlie Chaplin and Elvis in the span of a minute. Or watching Owen Wilson go through the ridiculously long list of movies he’s been in with Ben Stiller before finally FINALLY landing on ‘Night at the Museum.'

But the best is 'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco attempting to impersonate a seal -- and clearly having no idea how to do it successfully. (Doesn't matter. Everything she does is cute.)

As for Ellen herself, she flaunts her stuff on an invisible catwalk, rides a thrilling fake roller coaster, and then makes a snow angel on the floor of her rather non-wintery set.

Look, we know this video is just a glorified ad for the app, but we don’t care. It doesn't make it any less funny -- and we can’t wait to torture our friends with it.

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