We admit we tool on Robert Pattinson pretty hard around here sometimes, but it's less about him and more about his taste in women and the annoying movie franchise that is 'Twilight.'

But in his Nov. 8 appearance on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' he was kind of adorable -- even to us -- when he gamely climbed into a big wooden tub and had a water fight with Fallon.

The night before, Kristen Stewart and Fallon played a giant game of quarters, making it the most awkward game of quarters ever because it involved Kristen Stewart. Thankfully, Pattinson's game show antics were a lot less stilted.

On the episode, Fallon challenged the actor to a “water war,” at which point they got into the tub and Pattinson immediately dumped water on his crotch so he could pretend he wet himself. (Either that or so he could pee himself and avoid any related social stigma.)

The premise of the game revolved around the card game War, and whomever lost the hand would get water thrown at him by his opponent. Pattinson won the majority of the time, but displayed the politeness for which Brits are so well known when he dumped some water on himself to spare Fallon (who learned what a bad idea it was to wear white without an undershirt).

We'll never stop finding Edward Cullen irksome, but Robert Pattinson? You're kind of okay to us. Today, anyway.

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