Much like yesterday, today Twitter would not stop talking about Miley Cyrus, but that's OK -- because at least Twitter was having an open discourse, albeit one that involved a lot of yelling. Tomorrow will probably be better. We hope.

Adam Lambert accidentally made some people angry.

As expected, Joel McHale was a giant troll.

Alyssa Milano still can't unsee all of Sunday's twerking. Even with science.

But it's OK, because Jim Gaffigan's tweet fixed everything.

The dogs run things at the Kaley Cuoco household.

Get ready for an Osbourne family portrait photo shoot.

Pete Wentz is having fun with the hashtags of the day.

Uh-oh, Amanda Seyfried is drunk rapping again.

Donnie Walhlberg is set on giving Tuesday a theme. No matter what.

Don't worry Donnie, Ellen DeGeneres has got you covered.

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