Congratulations, you have successfully made it to yet another Friday. Kindly pat yourself on the back for a job well done and get started on some awesome weekend plans. The summer isn't over yet! But first, check out what you missed in celebrity tweets of the day.

Not quite sure what Demi Lovato is doing but we love it so much.

Blake Shelton loves his wife more than most people love anyone.

Someone decided that an Andrew W.K. bobblehead was in demand.

Pretty sure RuPaul found this one in Proverbs.

Josh Groban is very busy observing humanity.

Unfinished endings bother comedienne Kristen Schaal.

Alyssa Milano tried to make Instagramming your food less embarrassing. With science.

Please say it's so, Stephen Colbert.

John Stamos can currently be found talking to himself.

It's Kevin Smith's birthday, but he has a present for you.

And everyone else was busy congratulating Ellen DeGeneres on her Oscar hosting announcement.

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