To prove that their love is eternal (and seemingly impervious to scandal), Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reunited in Los Angeles after a couple months apart while Rob was in Australia filming a movie.

While Pattinson was down under, Stewart spent her time with co-star Taylor Lautner and his abs, sliced her foot open, attended the Oscars, won some Razzies and was named the Unsexiest Woman in Hollywood. Basically, she was pretty damned busy.

Anyway, Us Weekly says Pattinson returned to the States on Saturday, March 16, and has been staying at Stewart's home in L.A. ever since.

They were photographed together with a fan earlier this week outside a local karaoke bar, where a witness to the couple's outing said, "When they were ordering drinks at the bar she was grabbing his jacket and being flirty ... They were just acting cute and cuddly like they had missed each other."

In the photo above, a surprisingly smiling Stewart poses like a Japanese tourist while Rob plays the role of sourpuss and shows off his newly-buzzed head. Sounds like a 'Freaky Friday'-style body swap to us.

Laura Austin, the photographer who took the snap, also wrote about her encounter with the duo, saying that when she went to take the photo with “Robsten” and her friend Lany, “Kristen was enthusiastic about it, putting her arm around Lany and cracking a smile… however Robert wasn’t keen on the idea… jokingly trying to get me to take the photo with his back to the camera. Kristen told him to stop being an asshole.”

See? Body swap. Pod people. Cats and dogs living together. It's madness.

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