Kristen Stewart's dour expression is about to get worse: The perpetually glum star and world’s most maligned mistress has been voted the least sexy actress in Tinseltown.

That’s the bad news. The good news is the poll was conducted on a British website, so odds are the majority of votes were cast by Robert Pattinson’s family and friends. (Not to mention the hordes of preteen girls who, like, can't believe Bella would ever cheat on Edward.)

And because it’s a British survey, Stewart still doesn’t really know what people stateside think of her. And for that, her publicist deserves a high-five.

Stewart's newly-minted status as the queen of un-sex appeal (or what is more commonly known these days as the anti-Mila Kunis) is the latest blemish to an image that's taken more hits than Miley Cyrus. In addition to last summer’s cheating scandal with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders, her thespian skills -- or lack thereof -- have already earned the 22-year-old actress a slew of Razzie nominations.

Sarah Jessica Parker finished second in the poll, while America’s favorite train wreck, Lindsay Lohan, took third. Denise Richards and Kirsten Dunst rounded out the top five -- which is kinda good for them, actually, because at least people are still using the word “actress” to describe them.

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