The usually uncomfortable Kristen Stewart was even more uncomfortable at the Feb. 24 Oscars as she hobbled around the red carpet on crutches and limped out to present an award alongside Daniel Radcliffe.

No one knew the cause of Stewart's crutches -- except for Anne Hathaway, who took time out of her busy, award-winning schedule to ask the sour-puss what happened.

"Oh no!" Hathaway could be heard exclaiming when she saw Stewart's crutches.

To which the injured actress replied to the newly-minted Oscar winner, "I know, I'm an idiot. But congratulations!"

"Please tell me you're going on stage with those [crutches]," Hathaway said. “Nope. I'm gonna hobble,” Stewart reportedly replied.

And hobble she did, looking and sounding uncomfortable when she presented alongside the former boy wizard. Perhaps it was Anne Hathaway joking, "Well, break a leg ... Oops!"

Stewart, who sustained her injury after she stepped on some broken glass, was also allegedly concerned about the cut on the bottom of her foot, saying, "I just hope [the wound] doesn't open up right now."

KStew's “glam squad” was, of course, more concerned about what she would wear on her feet than her general well-being. Heels? Flats? Sandals? Her multiple Razzie wins?

According to her manicurist, "She tried so many options, she was really a trooper."

"We all were trying to make her feel better," her hair stylist added. "She has insecurities about being in front of people so today was even tougher."

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