Kristen Stewart may be known for her perpetually dour expression, but that doesn't mean her heart is made of coal. Proof? She once used her celebrity to get a Middle Eastern prince to donate $500,000 for Hurricane Sandy relief.

The story came out during a Q&A after the Toronto International Film Festival screening of '12.12.12' (the rock documentary spotlighting last year’s star-studded Sandy charity show), when movie mogul Harvey Weinstein told the crowd about KStew's good deed.

Seems the "Prince of an Arabian country" wanted to meet the erstwhile Bella herself, and was willing to donate big bucks to do it.

"She said, 'How much?' My kind of girl," Weinstein wryly recalled. He and the wealthy prince eventually decided on a $500,000 cash donation to the Sandy charity, and once it was paid, Stewart spent 15 minutes chatting with the prince during the concert.

Maybe that's why she was in such a rush to get there.

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