David Beckham

10 Celebrity Body Parts Insured for Millions
Back in 1940, pin-up girl Betty Grable insured her legs for $1 million -- and a cottage industry was born. Since then, stars and the people who hire them have taken out policies covering just about every body part you can imagine. While the oft-repeated story about Jennifer Lopez insuring her butt f…
Kellan Lutz vs. David Beckham - Swoon-Off
Ladies around the world are still fanning themselves after seeing the pics from David Beckham's latest H&M campaign. Who can blame them? The soccer star knows just how to make us weak in the knees. But long before Beckham stripped down to his skivvies, actor Kellan Lutz was flaunti…
Say Cheese
Stop the metaphorical presses! David Beckham shared a photo containing incontrovertible proof that his wife can and does smile.
Personally, we're more shocked about the "can" part of that sentence.
Daddy's Girl
At yesterday's (May 28) Los Angeles Kings' Stanley Cup playoff game against the San Jose Sharks, former soccer star David Beckham and his 22-month-old daughter Harper were spotted on the arena's Kiss Cam -- and the results were "awwwww" inspiring. (See what we did th…
David Beckham – Shirtless Celebrity Studs
Look at the dog. Now look at David Beckham. Now look back at the dog. It is now five times cuter.
We couldn't have a best bodies list without including the perpetually shirtless soccer/football player David Beckham, could we?
No. No we could not.
Boy Toys
American Girl dolls: they're the stuff nightmares are made of, with their unblinking soulless eyes, buck teeth and collectibility among grown women. However, this did not stop Victoria and David Beckham from buying one for their son, Romeo.
On the one hand, we applaud them for allowing their son to p…
Photo of the Week
This week, soccer player David Beckham showed off his considerable assets while simultaneously promoting his new bodywear collection with H&M.
Prompting us to think, "Why hello there. How polite of you to carry a salami around in case we get hungry."