Miley Cyrus once again seemingly used social media to try to get in touch with her father Billy Ray, this time giving him an ultimatum to 'fess up -- or she would do it for him.

What she wants him to admit to, we're not sure, but the strange tweet included an attached photo of an attractive mystery woman, leading many to believe that BR had an affair. Which would certainly explain why his wife Tish recently filed for divorce.

(Or maybe Billy Ray Cyrus has been Hannah Montana-ing us for years and the mystery woman in question is really him. Anything's possible at this point.)

Miley's tweet has, of course, since been deleted, but was preserved in the annals of history in screen-shot form.

Miley Cyrus Bill Ray Cyrus Tweet

After the deletion, Miley gave her Twitter followers the age-old "woe is me, my Twitter was obviously hacked, I'M NOT CRAZY" story that Amanda Bynes now has down to a science when she says something regretful.

Fake-hacked or not, this wouldn't be the first time Miley has berated her father on social media, first yelling at him after news broke of her parents' impending divorce.

And you thought your family was crazy.

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