As if he wasn't unhinged enough, Michael Lohan is now claiming that he helped Octomom -- aka Nadya Suleman -- get on the path to rehab to kick her Xanax addiction.

Through his super-secret non-profit organization in Florida, of course. So that's a thing.

Cracking under the stress of raising enough children to form her own football team, Suleman entered rehab to get off her doctor-prescribed "mother's little helpers" and deal with her stress in healthier ways. All of which Lohan is now taking credit for.

According to his statement to TMZ (duh), Michael has been a very busy famewhore. In between bouts of trying to ruin Lindsay's life, he claims he's spent the past nine months running a non-profit that stages interventions for people with abuse problems. In fact, he brags he's already helped 25 addicts.

Dozens of interventions under his belt yet he couldn't pull off the one for his own daughter? That's a poor recommendation for his services if ever we heard one.

Lohan says he was contacted by Suleman's manager, Gina Rodriguez, to help the overtaxed mother. Because there's no one like Michael Lohan to dig you out of a hole -- and then sell the shovel to the tabloids.

"The most important thing is the willingness to realize and surrender to the issue and commit to getting help, which Nadya did," Lohan said about Octo.

Nadya is scheduled to be in rehab for the next 30 days -- plenty of time for Michael to find his next victim.

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