In the most recent "Lindsay Lohan continues to be a nuclear mess" news, it's been a very big weekend -- starting when her own father staged an intervention to get her back on the path to soberdom.

Normally we'd applaud this, but given Michael Lohan's willingness to sell his daughter out for the price of a pack of Skittles, his motives are, shall we say, questionable.

According to his statement to TMZ (of course), Michael staged the coup at his daughter's Beverly Hills home because he believed she was surrounding herself with “a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts."

But his efforts were for naught. The constantly troubled starlet had the police escort her father from the premises on trespassing charges and plans to file for a restraining order with help from her family.

That's something she should've done a long time ago, but as it was later revealed, Michael wasn't alone in orchestrating the intervention.

According to emails, Lindsay's entire team was in on it, including her manager, entertainment lawyer, and criminal defense lawyer. In the missives sent between September 23 and October 18, her father told the team the troubling news that he believed his daughter was "drinking between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day," had a cocaine problem and was taking Adderall to help her sleep.

The group planned to confront Lindsay after her dad made initial contact, and a conference call was even set up with a noted interventionist (yes, this is someone's career) before the police were summoned and the plan fell apart.

Now Michael says he wants a Britney-style conservatorship for LiLo. But unlike Spears, whose father actually seems to care about her and isn't trying to milk her for all she's worth, Michael himself won't actually be in charge of it. He's fine with a judge appointing someone else -- as long as it isn't Lindsay's mother Dina. Who's her own special ball of crazy.

And you thought your family was nuts.

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